Mayor of SP says that deciding to cancel Carnaval today is inconsistent – 11/25/2021 – Panel

Amidst a wave of cancellations of Carnival in cities in São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB) tells the Panel that today it is inconsistent to decide that there will be no celebrations due to Covid-19.

The mayor of São Paulo says he will wait to get closer to the date to make the decision, listening to the Ministry of Health.

“[Anunciar agora o cancelamento] it could be for other reasons, because you want to do something nice for someone, because you don’t listen to the technical area, to create a suit. Technically, today it is inconsistent to say that there will not be. Or say that it will be for sure,” he says.

“I have seen many mayors say that there will be, that there will not be, based on something that does not exist. There is no study, there is nothing. It will be at the end of February, beginning of March. We are about to release the use of masks in the state, the number of deaths falling, the number of vaccinees rising, we are very likely to be in a much more comfortable and safe situation by the time February arrives,” adds the mayor.

“If I don’t have a more comfortable and safe situation, why am I going to do this now [cancelar]? Just to please people and lead [render notícia]?”, asks Nunes.

The mayor says that if Carnival can be done safely, he will not stop promoting it, as it generates jobs and income, as well as fun for people after years of facing the pandemic.

So far, at least 58 cities in São Paulo have already announced the cancellation of the festivities, including São Luiz do Paraitinga, Franca and Ubatuba.

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