‘Media indulged’ Andrews government patronises Victorians with ‘nonsense’: Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the Andrews’ government’s elimination strategy to defeat the COVID-19 virus can’t work, won’t work and the time to ease up on restrictions and to ensure lockdowns never happen again is right now.

“These people are running an elimination strategy. This won’t work, this can’t work, and the time to ease up on it is right now,” Mr Kenny said.

“Now is the time to insist that no state imposes a lockdown again, and no state closes its internal borders.”

The remarks come after the Victorian government announced some easing of restrictions from midnight on Thursday and their Chief Health officer Brett Sutton touted an “aggressive suppression” strategy as their aim to eliminate the virus.

“They actually portray themselves as good guys, with patronising words for their citizens, pretending they are doing everybody a favour.

“What nonsense they spout. And they are indulged and supported by far too many in politics and the media.”


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