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A 22-year-old medical student is on the run after an arrest warrant was issued against him by the Civil Police of Piauí. He is suspected of raping four minors in Teresina. The Federal Police helps in the case.

According to people close to the case, the victims are the student’s two sisters (both under the age of ten), the stepmother’s niece and another girl linked to the family. Police do not confirm the information because the investigation is under wraps.

The victims gave testimony at the DPCA (Delegation for the Protection of Children and Adolescents), in the capital of Piauí, according to family members interviewed by the report.

According to Rodrigo Araújo, a lawyer who defends the family, the children reported frequent abuse at home and on family trips. He also said that they reported being abused by the student during games, taking a shower with him, locked in a room and playing video games.

The mother of one of the girls said that, as her daughter told her in July, the first abuse occurred when she was five years old, during a family trip. THE sheet does not identify their names to preserve victims.

The complaint was made to the police in August of this year. Sexual violence occurred, says the mother, when the suspect had the opportunity to be alone with the girls.

She says that because of the abuse, her daughter became depressed, self-harmed and attempted suicide. For her, the now-runaway med student is a psychopath.

She claims to have presented the police with copies of WhatsApp messages, of a conversation that allegedly took place between the suspect and his stepmother (the teenager’s mother is the student’s stepmother’s sister).

In these messages, according to the complainant, the student confesses the abuse and asks his stepmother’s forgiveness. One of the messages would be: “This was a dark part of my life that I am very ashamed of and that I never wanted to go back to…I do whatever it takes to try to reverse every negative impact I caused…”.

One of the student’s sisters, according to the teenager’s mother, has a genital lesion and will undergo tests to find out if she has any sexually transmitted disease.

The student’s lawyer, Eduardo Faustino, stated that the client’s presentation to the police should only take place after the defense has access to the warrant. “I was not informed of the arrest decision. I can’t introduce someone without being sure about it.”

Faustino denies that the student is a fugitive and says he is in Teresina. “It is a deliberation of the defense, opting to wait for the production of evidence, to speak later. He is licensed in the investigation records and is represented by me. A fugitive is one who is indifferent to investigations. We are following the investigations.”

​According to the general delegate of the Civil Police of Piauí, Lucy Keiko Leal, the state court decreed the student’s preventive detention on the 7th of this month. The Civil Police made available the telephone number (86) 3216-5225, 181 and the website for complaints.

“We don’t know the student’s whereabouts. It is a serious case in which the Civil Police, the Public Ministry and the Judiciary decided that the arrest was necessary and that was how it was done. In this way, we are now in the process of arresting him,” said Keiko.

In a statement, the PF said it was called “due to the possibility of an attempt to flee the suspect abroad.”


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