Medicine and IT are the most promising areas for a scientific breakthrough in the Russian Federation, Mishustin believes / News / Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin considers medicine and IT to be the most promising areas for a scientific breakthrough in Russia. Answering questions from participants of the New Knowledge marathon on Saturday via video conference, the Prime Minister named the main priority areas where research can give the best results.

Speaking about the spheres where technological breakthroughs are possible, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers first of all called the “biomedical direction”. “Human health, increasing life expectancy and quality of life have been and remain a priority for the Russian government. In this area we have a lot of groundwork, especially in the field of fundamental clinical medicine,” Mishustin said. “Last year, Russia became the undisputed leader in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus, now we already have four such drugs, there is a mass vaccination of citizens, production is being established abroad,” the Prime Minister gave an example.

As the second direction, he named the IT sphere. “Given the traditional strength of Russia in mathematical disciplines, there are many possible points for a breakthrough. These are the creation of cybersecurity systems, and the formation of standard software products for robots, including home, industrial, medical, entertainment, solutions for unmanned vehicles,” the Prime Minister said. … He noted that “the government sees great potential for using such machines not only for the personal needs of our citizens, but also in industry, as well as for the delivery of goods.”


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