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Considered a great achievement by the PSDB of São Paulo, the affiliation of the mayor of Guarujá, Válter Suman, was reported by the party on July 20 this year. Now, the São Paulo directory claims that the affiliation actually took place on May 14th.

Suman’s affiliation, only registered with the Electoral Court on September 28 by the PSDB directory, is one of 92 mayors and vices under suspicion after questioning the toucan directories in RS, MG, BA and CE. Mayors’ votes have a relevant weight in the party’s caucuses for choosing the candidate for the Planalto.

The imbroglio could jeopardize the credibility of the Nov. 21 previews, a fierce dispute between governors João Doria (SP) and Eduardo Leite (RS), and should end up being decided in court, according to party chiefs. Former Manaus mayor Arthur Virgílio also competes in the caucuses.

On Wednesday, the president of the PSDB, Bruno Araújo, decided that the commission responsible for the presidential elections will decide on a case-by-case basis about the participation in the internal voting of 92 São Paulo mayors and vice-mayors whose membership dates are under suspicion.

According to the accusation of the directories aligned with Leite, the São Paulo directory of the PSDB, controlled by Doria, would have defrauded the membership date of 92 mayors and deputy mayors.

The rules of the previews determine that only members can vote until May 31st. Allies of Leite point out that, after that date, these affiliations were reported by the press and, in some cases, by the leaders themselves.

In their assessment, the São Paulo directory filled out the membership form retroactively, something that the president of the PSDB-SP, Marco Vinholi, denies.

as showed the sheet, publications by mayors on social networks mention their affiliations on July 14, when the PSDB-SP promoted an event for the affiliation of 65 mayors and vices. In addition, one of the representatives told the report that he signed the membership form only last Friday (22).

Toucans claim that the case is serious and, if proven, could lead to the accusation of ideological falsehood. It will be up to the party’s caucus committee to decide whether or not these 92 members can vote.

The participation of the leaders favors Doria, as the group supports him. Considering the 92 names, the state of São Paulo has 365 mayors and vice presidents. The country total for toucans is 1,000. This group has a weight of 25% in the party’s internal vote.

The PSDB-SP argues that membership forms had been signed since May, although events to commemorate and publicize these memberships took place after that.

In the case of Suman, however, the directory’s website itself states that the signature of the form took place on July 20, the date on which the press reported the migration of the mayor from the PSB to the PSDB. The event was attended by Vinholi and the vice-governor, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB).

“Mayor Valter Suman, from Guarujá, signed this Tuesday (20th) afternoon his PSDB membership form,” says the website, which has a photo of the mayor signing the form.

Vinholi stated, according to the PSDB website, that “the arrival of Mayor Valter Suman at the PSDB is a reason for great joy.” Garcia claimed to be a special day.

The link to the PSDB-SP website went offline on Monday afternoon (25).

On July 21, Suman posted on Facebook: “As of today, at the invitation of Governor João Doria and Vice-Governor Rodrigo Garcia, I will begin my trajectory as a soldier of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party.”

On June 8, when he would already be formally affiliated with the PSDB, according to the version of the São Paulo directory, but before the affiliation party, the mayor shared his profile published in a magazine on his networks.

“Volter Suman (PSB) has been a gastroenterologist in the public health system of Guarujá for over 30 years, and was reelected mayor of Guarujá in 2020”, says the beginning of the text of the article.

Asked by sheet, Vinholi stated that the event did not mark the day of affiliation itself, which had already taken place, and that the photos of the signature on the form, as well as the news on the PSDB website, refer to symbolic acts.

For the president of the São Paulo directory, the action of the other directories seeks to curtail the right to vote in the previews of state affiliates. Vinholi also stated that the affiliation of the mayor of Guarujá followed Garcia’s affiliation with the PSDB, on May 14th.

“Date of announcement is not the same as date of affiliation. Suman had been negotiating his affiliation since 2019 and joined in the month of May, in the wake of Rodrigo’s arrival [Garcia]. Political events and announcements are, therefore, according to convenience, there is nothing to be confused with formal affiliation,” he said.

Vinholi also stated that the link to the news had not been deleted. “The text demonstrated the act of announcing membership. On the 20th, it was an act of symbolic affiliation. This is common and within the electoral and party legislation,” he added.

Suman did not respond to the report. Garcia said he would not comment.


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