“Meteorology” spokesman: A comprehensive rainy situation in Jeddah affected most regions of the Kingdom and is receding today

The official spokesman for the National Center of Meteorology, Hussein Al-Qahtani, confirmed that what Jeddah witnessed was a comprehensive rainy situation that affected most regions of the Kingdom and caused rains from medium to heavy, which turned into very heavy.

During an intervention with the “From Saudi Arabia” program on the “Saudi Arabia” channel, he expressed the center’s expectations that this situation will gradually recede this evening.

Al-Qahtani indicated that this rainy situation affected most regions of the Kingdom, such as Medina and the northern regions, which witnessed moderate to heavy rains.

He pointed out that the National Center of Meteorology has followed up with the concerned authorities since early this rainy situation, and messages have been broadcast to citizens by the concerned authorities and follow-up on field work and plans that have contributed greatly to dealing with this situation.

On the expectations of the rainy situation during the coming period, Al-Qahtani explained that we are on the verge of winter, which is a rainy season in the Kingdom, during which the country witnesses medium to heavy rains from time to time.

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