Michael Eric Dyson apologizes for calling Trump supporters ‘maggots’

Vanderbilt University professor and frequent MSNBC guest Michael Eric Dyson apologized for a recent TV appearance in which he referred to Trump supporters as “MAGAts,” pronounced “maggots.”

Mr. Dyson made headlines Wednesday after he joked, “speaking about the MAGAts, I’m sorry, the MAGA,” while discussing the conservative backlash against Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army Gen. Mark Milley for his defense of the study of critical race theory in the military.

“They are not critical, they have no race and they don’t understand theory,” Mr. Dyson said of Gen. Milley’s critics, ripping “mediocre mealy-mouthed snowflake White men” who claim “critical race theory is going to kill your mother.”

On Friday, Mr. Dyson, an ordained minister who teaches African American studies at the Tennessee school, apologized for the “maggots” quip but doubled down on his racially charged comments, saying he received an onslaught of “White rage” for his “mistake.”

“Black people have to bear the brunt of White rage, of White hostility,” he said. “I myself, the other day — let me apologize on this program. I was trying to be cute and clever when I was talking about MAGA, therefore ‘MAGAts,’ not ‘maggots.’ I didn’t anticipate that, you know, brothers and sisters who are White would hear it as that. So I deeply and profoundly apologize for that.

“But I have been hit with an onslaught of death threats and being called the N-word out of White rage for a mistake I made, for which I am willing to apologize certainly,” he added. “And what Black people are often up against is the fact that we have to be told that emotion will not lead our offering of justice to you. … And yet so much emotion is directed at us, so much hatred is directed at us, so much White rage is directed at us.”

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