“Middle East Energy” discusses reducing consumption

Dubai (Al-Ittihad) A group of the most prominent experts in the energy industry stressed the importance of green buildings and smart cities and their great role in reducing energy consumption during the first day of the week focusing on the energy consumption and management sector Middle East Energy Exhibition which takes place in Dubai. The session was attended by a group of the world’s leading experts on clean and smart cities, such as Benoit Lebott, Senior Policy Adviser at the French Government’s Ministry of Energy Transition, Amr Salah, Senior Director and Head of Facilities at Emaar the Economic City, and Ahmed Samer Al Barmbali, Managing Director of the Clean Energy Business Council in the Middle East and North Africa. The session discussed reducing consumption through green buildings and smart cities and discussing hot topics in the industry including managing energy demand and carbon emissions, developing renewable energy sources in buildings and infrastructure, and integrating sustainable planning and technology to create smart cities.

During the session, Lebott said that the challenges facing the energy industry sector can be overcome by adopting a series of initiatives related to decarbonization, decentralization, digitization and disruption through innovation and the desire to achieve the goal, highlighting the four steps needed to reach a carbon-neutral economy, including efficiency Energy, net zero energy solution, lifestyle and behavioral changes, motivation and education, emphasizing the role of governments in this process.

For her part, Andrea De Gregorio, Executive Director of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, discussed the Emirate’s Energy Management Program. Claudia Konicna, Director of Middle East Energy, said that the Consumer and Management Sector Week is geared towards connecting users with experiences and solutions for energy demand management that are becoming increasingly innovative and efficient as a group of experts will discuss a myriad of topics related to smart buildings, automation, data, energy efficiency and lighting systems. Transformational because there has been a clear trend in recent years towards building smarter ecosystems and energy management systems and that is why we want to be able to provide a platform that provides informative insights and an ideal platform for discussion.

The Energy Startup Center, managed in partnership with Green Climate Ventures and sponsored by Schneider Electric, continues for the third consecutive week, providing global energy startups with an ideal platform to showcase their innovations to a panel of investors and industry experts. The winner will be announced during the final week of the event.

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