Mike Pompeo hired by Fox News

Former U.S. diplomat under President Donald Trump Mike Pompeo has been hired by Fox News as “collaborater”, the Conservatives’ favorite news channel announced Thursday, April 8.

“I intend to give viewers a frank and direct look at geopolitics, international relations and politics America First which have paved the way for unprecedented prosperity and security in the United States ”Mike Pompeo said in a statement. The former secretary of state is “One of the most recognized and respected voices in the United States on foreign and security policy issues”, welcomed Suzanne Scott, boss of Fox News.

A falcon

Secretary of State from April 2018 to last January, he had previously led the CIA. Some see him with his eye riveted on the White House for the 2024 presidential election. Mike Pompeo recently joined calls for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and claimed that the expert report on the origins of the Covid -19 was “A masquerade in the straight line” from “Disinformation campaign” carried out, according to him, by the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization (WHO). He had spearheaded, on the American side, the confrontation between the Trump administration and China.

This hawk was among the last squad of loyalists to support Donald Trump, and like the former president, he has often publicly displayed frank contempt for the media. In March, Fox News hired Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of the former Republican president and an advisor to Team Trump during the last presidential campaign.


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