Mikhail Shufutinsky explained his return to Russia: “A microbe has moved in”

Mikhail Shufutinsky is one of the rare artists who are adored by both the generation that still caught the Soviet Union and the youth. If the elders enthusiastically listen to songs that they love performed by the chansonnier, such as “Neighbor”, “My Odessa”, “Taganka”, “Two candles”, “Come to our light” and dozens of others, then the young are waiting with delight ” September 3 “…

Then the well-known composition, written by Igor Krutoy on the verses of Igor Nikolaev, sounds literally from every iron, and the September 3 meme fills all social networks that day. By the way, Mikhail Zakharovich performed the sensational hit over 25 years ago. But the composition is still relevant, and the singer is very happy about it.

On the eve of his birthday, in a conversation with MK, Mikhail Zakharovich summed up the results of a difficult year and shared his plans for 2021.

“I got sick recently,” Mikhail Zakharovich began. – I got to the hospital, was discharged, and now I am recovering, I decided that I needed to rest: not to gather friends, not to arrange a concert. And go with Svetlana (the singer’s beloved. – “MK”) to the Maldives on your birthday. We will calmly spend our rest on the island, there are only 16 villas, no one sees or knows anyone. You can walk barefoot, in a T-shirt and shorts! “

– You have lost a lot of weight!

– Well, not so much. I lost only 7 kilograms after an illness. There was no appetite. Now I am recovering, sticking to a diet, swimming in the pool. I don’t allow myself whiskey and cigars yet.

– And the concerts? Almost all the artists failed in absolutely everything.

– Oh, a lot has been transferred. First a pandemic, then I got sick. The room occupancy is low due to restrictions. Not scary. Let’s wait, we plan to do an excellent solo concert in Moscow in the fall, September 3, which was postponed several times. Well, nothing, more preparation time.

Recently, a performance took place in St. Petersburg. This was the first solo concert in over a year! It reminded me of my first tour after returning from America in 1990. When the halls were overcrowded, people began to applaud, having heard only the orchestral introduction, it didn’t even come to a song. They knew what the compositions would be. Peter always received me well, but I don’t remember such a grand reception. I was so excited about it!

– Probably, a pandemic is a trifle for you. In comparison with the Soviet times, when the ensemble “Leisya, Pesnya”, where you were the leader, put a lot of pressure on the authorities.

– We did not sing politicized compositions. They performed what we liked. This was not very much in line with generally accepted norms. I didn’t like this attitude towards us at all, so I decided to live somewhere else, went to America.

But still, despite the prohibitions, in the USSR we also worked, performed at the largest venues. The total number of sold records of the ensemble was then 5 million! True, in those days we appeared on television twice. We were also not allowed abroad. But people went to our concerts, but the current pandemic is somewhat different. The whole globe is ill here, people are not up to concerts. I became more interested in what is happening in the world. I empathize with people on other points as well.

– Does it bother you that the artists were forgotten during the pandemic?

– Why have they forgotten about us? So we forget about many people and other professions. In fact, today there are social networks, the same Instagram, fans are writing, waiting for performances that will definitely take place. Concerts are already taking place. Life is getting better.

– Do you like Manizha, which today does not leave everyone’s lips?

– For me, this contest, Eurovision, is generally very strange. It was originally planned as a song contest, like a Grammy. And now he has become very politicized. It seems that every performer, every group today is trying to break away, to show something shocking. Sometimes you start to think: “Where is the song? What is the subject of this competition? ” It has ceased to exist in the format in which we are accustomed to perceive it. If we are talking about Manizh … What I heard – in my opinion, this is not a song. She sang a piece, apparently combining the motives of different nationalities. Manizha sang pieces of different songs well, let’s just say. I didn’t hear what she wanted to say with her song. After all, a piece of music is a declaration of feelings, love, sex, a joke, treachery, in the end. And Manizhi’s song is not clear to me. What is it about?

– The theme of feminism, isn’t it?

– I didn’t hear it, although it would be nice if it turned out to be so. But I will still root for Manizha, since she represents our country. May God grant her success. But in our art of song, the music is much more subtle, more varied, more sensual and deeper than her songs. Perhaps I just don’t understand something. I am a grown man, I have my own priorities.

– This did not stop you from taking part in the scandalous show “What happened next.”

– I was invited, the guys were very warm to me and treated me kindly. They are children, after all. (Laughs.) It was easy for me to imagine what will happen on the set, what awaits me. I didn’t see anything bad there. Well, except for foul language, but within the framework of the show, as I understand it, this is allowed. This means that in order to be in their format, one could afford something without offending the feelings of others. In general, I liked it, the guys position themselves as cool, cheeky, young comedians. That is why I agreed to come to them.

– Mikhail Zakharovich, I suppose you have already been asked hundreds of times about the September 3 meme.

– People like it, I am not offended. They love me for it. I sang this song in 1993, it is not my calling card, although many people think so. My first albums came out in the early 80s, back in America. However, okay. Many critics believe that this song is nothing. I have one question: why did no one else execute it? People (critics), come to your senses. You are talking about a song in which the feelings and thoughts of many have coincided. Apparently, partings, meetings, love and parting in the song sunk into the hearts of the listeners, which makes me very happy.

– In our country, artists who once left their homeland are treated extremely negatively. Let us recall the last case with Natalia Vetlitskaya, who was not accused of anything when she returned from Spain. Was there any negative in your address when you returned?

– Firstly, I left the USSR forever, then it was only possible that way. And at that time I was leaving the wrong place, but from here – this is a huge difference. I do not know the motives of Natasha Vetlitskaya, what was the reason for her departure. I can say about myself, I wanted a different life for myself and my family. This is creativity, and everyday life, and opportunities for children. And I returned here in 1990, when opportunities arose here, and I felt that they were waiting for me. They want to see and hear me. I didn’t say anything bad about my country when I lived in America. It’s not about the country. During my emigration in Russia there was a different government, different rules of life, which did not suit me personally. I wanted something different.

– When you returned to Russia, what turned over in you at that moment?

– I came, having breathed the first breaths of this air, having seen thousands of people at my concerts. Literally all stadiums and sports palaces were full. I realized that this is a microbe. He moved into me, I wanted to live here, felt the need among people for what I was doing, people liked it, they were interested. They heard what, apparently, they had never heard before, but they wanted to. Fans began to come to my concerts, and I enthusiastically, excitedly began to perform all over the country! I’ll tell you that this is 75 concerts in three summer months. I saw that great prospects for a new life appeared in Russia. Growth, everything developed, for those who have not lived in Russia for many years, this was especially understandable.

– Do you support your colleagues when they try to join the blogging crowd? For example, Alla Borisovna went to the birthday of blogger Nastya Ivleeva. In different ways, fans appreciated the arrival of the Prima Donna to the blogger, who is not even close to the achievements of Alla Borisovna.

– The fact that Alla went is normal. Perhaps she is interested, or maybe Maxim offered to go. I don’t think she does it to join this culture. Because Alla is practically my age, we are from the same stratum, both age and cultural. Alla is the person who could promote the correct pronunciation of the Russian language, the correct attitude to music. That is, to be the classic person that she is. But she has a desire to get into this get-together in order to understand her. Before criticizing, you need to figure out why this is so. Alla is a national artist, everyone will understand her songs. I’m just not really into the material that was on this holiday. Although you asked me, I remembered that I was also invited to the program with Ivleeva, but I did not go. It seems that then there was a lockdown. Yes, and I spent the whole summer at home. It’s good here, the forest, I played sports, I didn’t really want to go anywhere.


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