“Milícia won’t build any more crap in this city”, says Paes after building collapses in Rio – 06/03/2021 – Daily life

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (DEM), said this Thursday morning (3) that he will not allow criminals to build more properties in the city. Paes made the promise while accompanying the work to rescue victims of the collapse of a four-story building in the west of the city.

The case, which took place during the night in the community of Rio das Pedras, left at least one man and one child dead, as well as four wounded. According to the Municipal Housing Secretariat, the construction that collapsed was irregular.

“With me, the militia is not going to build any more crap in this city. We are demolishing permanently, and we have the challenge of taking care of the liabilities”, said the mayor.

So far, there are no details about those responsible for the construction that collapsed. The region of the tragedy is identified as a point of influence for militias. Paes said that the actions of criminal groups will not impede the city’s inspection actions.

He reported that the city has been carrying out operations to prevent irregularities in the housing area.

“We are leaving a very clear message in recent months that this story of so much irregular construction is over. We have not allowed it. The press has shown this on a daily basis. It is now a reality in the city. We are not going to remove all the houses from all the favelas or communities in Rio. What has to be done is to look at those areas with more risks to produce housing improvements”, he commented.

Paes also said that the city will provide assistance to victims of the collapse of Rio das Pedras, which was recorded between 3 am and 3:30 am. Witnesses reported hearing “crackling” and explosion noise.

“The Municipal Housing Department informs that the construction that collapsed in Rio das Pedras, at dawn on this farm, was irregular. The SMH team is on site to provide the necessary assistance to the families”, informs a statement released by the Rio City Hall during the morning.

Streets in the region were closed off for rescue work. There is still no official information on the causes of the collapse. Firefighters followed the site in the early afternoon.

The case took place in the same region as the Muzema tragedy, which left 24 dead and seven injured after two buildings collapsed in the Figueiras de Itanhangá condominium in April 2019. The region is dominated by militias. The militias work with land grabbing in Rio das Pedras and in the Muzema community.


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