Missing medicine for kidney treatment 3 months ago – 12/04/2021 – Grana

Retired Elaine Cristina Sprocati, 56, from Vila Livieiro (south zone), says that since January, her son has not received the sevelamer hydrochloride drug 800 mg, provided by the State Department of Health.

The reader reports to the report that he needs the medicine to carry out his chronic kidney treatment.

Elaine explains that each box, with 180 pills, costs, on average, R $ 1,186 in private pharmacies.

“He takes 15 pills a day, that is, it is almost three boxes a month. Normally, the state supplies two boxes monthly, that is, he already takes a little less medication in a few days. ”

Elaine says that, for three months, they have not received the medicine. “The medicine helps to control phosphorus. My son needs to have a blood test regularly to have a strict control of the needs of the organism or to detect any deficiency ”, says the reader to the report by the Citizen Defense.

Elaine reports that she filed complaints with the State Department of Health, but complains that she remains without a definitive solution.

“We are unable to buy this medication every month. On the other hand, he cannot go without taking it ”, explains the reader.

“It is worth remembering that other kidney patients are going through the same situation as my son. Therefore, the State Department of Health needs to take the necessary steps to regularize this. “

Ministry will deliver on the 16th

The State Department of Health informs that the drug is purchased by the Ministry of Health, responsible for planning, purchasing and distribution to the states, which only redistributes it to the municipalities, as the lots arrive.

The Ministry of Health states that, due to the instability in the acquisition of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, there was a delay in the batches sent by Far-Manguinhos / Fiocruz. The forecast, says a note, is that the supply will be regularized as of April 16.


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