Mohammed bin Zayed pledges the UAE’s support for the new government in Libya

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Thursday 08 April 2021

Abu Dhabi – (BBC):

The United Arab Emirates pledged to support the new government of national unity in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, which was formed following UN-sponsored peace talks.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, received the head of the interim Libyan government, Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba, in the Emirati capital on Wednesday evening.

Bin Zayed affirmed the support of the new executive authority in Libya and its efforts to establish peace and stability, quoting the official news agency in the Emirates.

The UAE previously supported the eastern Libyan camp led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

In January, the UAE announced its willingness to cooperate with the administration of US President Joe Biden in order to reach a political settlement to the conflict in Libya.

The January announcement was followed by a virtual meeting of the Security Council to discuss the situation in Libya, in which the United States called on “all external parties, including Russia, Turkey, and the UAE – to respect Libyan sovereignty and immediately cease all forms of military intervention in Libya.”

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted in March a declaration calling for the withdrawal of all foreign and mercenary forces from Libya, and the United Nations estimated the number of these foreign fighters in December at about 20,000.

Libya has descended into a bloody war since the regime of Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and killed during mass protests in the country in 2011.

Armed groups rose to fill the security vacuum left by the fall of the Gaddafi regime, and many of these groups gathered in the eastern camp led by Haftar or in the Western camp and the Government of National Accord.

The two camps, backed by foreign powers, fought for more than a year before Haftar was forced to retreat.

In October, the two sides signed a truce, under which UN-sponsored peace talks were launched, which resulted in the formation of a transitional government led by Abd al-Hamid al-Dabaiba in February.

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