Molon presents project to stop Bolsonaro’s decree that releases active soldiers from government positions indefinitely – 06/24/2021 – Panel

Federal deputy Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ) presented a bill in the Chamber of Deputies to stop the decree edited by Jair Bolsonaro that releases active soldiers from government positions indefinitely.

In justifying his draft legislative decree, the leader of the opposition claims that Bolsonaro’s decree exorbits the power of the Executive and establishes a rule “in a sense opposite to the principles established in the legislation.”

Bolsonaro edited the decree at the same time the Chamber discusses the PEC (Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution) which aims to bar the presence of active soldiers in positions in the public administration.

The PEC began to be discussed in the wake of the episode in which Bolsonaro pressured the Force not to punish active general Eduardo Pazuello, former minister of Health, for having participated in a political act with the president on May 23 in Rio de Janeiro .

The proposal that is in Congress has majority support in the High Command of the Army. The capitulation to the Planalto, defended by Commander Paulo Sérgio Nogueira as a way to avoid an even greater crisis, was not fully digested by the collegiate of 15 four-star generals that form the top of the Army.

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