Monique told Jairinho to leave the house and pay bills days before Henry’s death 05/05/2021 – Cotidiano

Five days before the death of the boy Henry Borel, 4, his mother and stepfather had a big fight, in which Monique Medeiros even said that councilman Dr. Jairinho should leave the house, but continue to pay the bills, according to the police.

The information is contained in messages extracted from the cell phone of the nanny who took care of the boy, Thayná Ferreira, 25, sent to her fiance on March 3. The child was taken to the hospital at dawn on the 8th, already dying and with several injuries to his body.

Investigators say the employee softened the violence routine in the apartment even in her second testimony in April. Therefore, she is now being investigated in another investigation for the crime of false testimony.

“But she clearly demonstrated that she was seriously afraid of her physical integrity, and has countless family members linked to the investigated and his family,” said Deputy Henrique Damasceno at a news conference on Tuesday (4).

In this second (3) the police indicted the couple for double-qualified willful murder – for the use of torture and for the impossibility of defending the victim -, with a penalty of 12 to 30 years of imprisonment.

The two were also charged with the crime of torture for episodes that occurred on other days. Jairinho is suspected of committing two assaults, on February 2 and February 12, which can earn him 2 to 8 years of imprisonment.

Monique was only framed in the second case, by omission: “He who omits due to these behaviors, when he had the duty to avoid or investigate them”, according to the Torture Law, with imprisonment for one to four years. The penalties for both can be increased because the victim is a child.

The first case was discovered by the second testimony of the nanny and also by messages that the employee sent to her fiance. Monique was not at home and was only notified afterwards, so she was not indicted for the episode.

The nanny says that Jairinho locked himself in the room with Henry and that, later, he complained and did not want to play with other children in the building’s playroom. In the extracted conversation, he says that it seemed that the stepfather was covering the boy’s mouth and that he was shouting “I promise”, says the police chief.

In the second case, reported in real time in messages from the employee to Monique, she tells her fiancé that Henry even tore her shirt, holding on in despair not to go to the room with the councilman.

Police point out that the mother learned of what happened at 4:20 pm, including from her son on a video call, but did not return home until 7:00 pm. The next day, he took his son hobbling to a hospital in Bangu, on the west side of Rio, saying he had fallen out of bed.

A third episode at the end of February was also reported by the nanny, but police say they have not been able to provide enough evidence to support the indictment.

Asked why Monique was not heard again in the investigation after changing her version in two letters written in prison, the delegate went on to say that she has already had the opportunity to speak and will have it again, in court, and that there is no indication that she was being coerced.

“What happened was a lie from beginning to end,” he said. “It is very well pointed out that in these letters there are many facts that are not true, that are liars. I have no element to show that this mother was coerced, none. ” The police point out that, knowing about the assaults, she had a duty to remove the son from the assailant.

“I just gave another example by pointing out that her position was a long way from being subjugated by women in relation to a routine of violence. What we demonstrated very clearly was that she was aware of everything that happened to her son and even after death, she kept a lying version until the last moment ”, he said, citing the fight in which she asked her boyfriend to continue paying bills.


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