Montebourg wants to bring together the “popular bloc” to “break the pincers between Macron and Le Pen”

In a forum, the cantor of “made in France” militates in particular for a “control of immigration” and a “fight against political Islamism”.

Arnaud Montebourg returns to the front of the stage. Very silent in the media in recent months, the former Minister of Productive Recovery publishes a column in The world where he calls for unity “of the popular bloc to break the pincers between the bourgeois and reactionary blocs».

His goal: to make “proposals to bring out and win” a “new strength“Which he defines as”a popular block” for “unite, unify, expand, bring together to break the pincers between Macron and Le Pen“, Come in “the bourgeois bloc which represents the elite“And”the reactionary bloc».

The cantor of “made in France“Wants the country”is organizing against globalization“. According to him, “the unknown for 2022 is whether it is possible to reunite this popular and republican force on an interventionist, regulationist, republican and secular political program, inside and outside the partiesHe writes.

Immigration and radical Islamism

In his tribune, Arnaud Montebourg also evokes immigration. According to him, this one “is not under control and weighs on the living conditions of the poorest“. He also denounces “political Islamism which seeks to pervert or destroy the rules of the Republic deliberated in common, when some leaders are still blind to the dangerousness of this other form of fascism, the other side of the brown plague».

The former minister, who has repeatedly considered the possibility of a candidacy for the 2022 presidential election, seeks to overcome the right / left divide. “Populations who aspire to get by through their work and to live with dignity, whether they are formerly affiliated to the right (small traders, artisans, independent workers, farmers) or to the left (workers, employees, civil servants) line). All of these can form a new majorityHe writes.

«A new compromise»

According to him, it is important to “reunite the first in line on a new historic compromise with economic circles and social forces, with the bourgeoisie of general interest and popular movements“. Its objective is therefore to “draw” a “compromise” Come in “forces which clashed, but which, in the common interest of the country’s recovery, would seek an agreement by exchanging reciprocal concessions».

And to conclude, like a call: “This is the issue of 2022 which men and women of good will must now tackle».


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