Moraes fine is equivalent to 46% of the PL fund in 2022 – 11/24/2022 – Power

The fine imposed on Jair Bolsonaro’s coalition by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), represents 46% of what the PL —the president’s party— received from party funds in the first ten months of 2022.

If you consider the two other parties in the coalition, the PP and the Republicans, the penalty means about 15% of the total received by the three parties in that period.

Jair Bolsonaro’s party pocketed R$50.3 million from January to October, according to data from the electoral court. Fund money is used for party maintenance. The Republicans received BRL 48 million and the PP, BRL 52.6 million.

On Wednesday (23), Moraes imposed a fine of BRL 22.9 million on the leader’s coalition for bad-faith litigation.

The president of the TSE also determined the blocking of the party funds of the three parties until the payment of the imposed penalty.

In relation to the corrected annual amount of the 2021 party fund, this fine is equivalent to about 40% of what was received by the PL during that year and about 14% of the total obtained by the three coalition acronyms.

The penalty was applied by Moraes this Wednesday (24) after the PL, commanded by Valdemar Costa Neto, gave vent to Bolsonaro’s coup speech and asked, without pointing out evidence of fraud, that votes from 279 thousand electronic voting machines be annulled.

These equipment listed in the representation are prior to 2020 and, according to the party, presented “malfunction”. The report presented by the PL, however, has a number of weaknesses pointed out by experts – and was seen by the TSE as yet another attempt to stir up unfounded suspicions.

The court and institutions that oversee the electoral process, such as the Electoral Attorney General, the Federal Court of Auditors and the Brazilian Bar Association, have already expressed their support for the regularity of the election. A report produced by the Ministry of Defense did not identify fraud.

The party fund is made possible with money from the Federal Budget and other sources, including funds collected through the imposition of fines by the Electoral Justice. The amounts are passed on monthly to the maintenance of the parties, which report their use to the TSE.

The fines supply the party fund itself, but the penalized parties do not participate in the apportionment of the amounts collected. With that, the penalty imposed by Moraes, in practice, tends to be reversed in amount for the other parties.

The fine applies to the coalition through which Bolsonaro sought re-election – and lost to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

A Sheet showed that the PP and the Republicans are preparing an appeal to the TSE against the blockade of party funds determined by Alexandre de Moraes.

The two parties claim to have no connection with the protest movements at the ballot box and claim to recognize the result of the election. In this way, the parties leave Valdemar and the Bolsonaro party isolated in the coup action sponsored by Bolsonaro.

One of the possibilities studied is to send a representation to the court so that the coalition is not considered in a single way in the action presented by the PL.

The report used by Bolsonaro’s party to support its request drew incorrect conclusions, according to computer experts consulted by the Sheet🇧🇷 It still had gaps, not only because it ignored the first round of the election, but also the distribution of different models of ballot boxes within the same state.

According to the PL, more than 279,300 electronic voting machines used in the second round of the election presented “chronic problems of non-compliance” in operation.

The questioned ballot boxes were also used in the first round, when the party elected the largest group of federal deputies in the next legislature — it will have 99 seats in the Chamber. Strategically, however, the PL’s request was restricted to the second round.

“The same electronic voting machines, of all models in use, were used equally in both the First and Second Rounds of the 2022 elections, making it impossible to dissociate both from the periods of the same election”, said Moraes.

The minister also stated that the PL acted with “total bad faith” in “its bizarre and illicit request”, which was “carried out in an inconsequential manner with the purpose of encouraging criminal and anti-democratic movements”.

Party fund received in 2022 by the parties of Jair Bolsonaro’s coalition

PL – BRL 50.3 million
Republicans – BRL 48.1 million

PP – BRL 52.7 millionValue of the fine applied by Moraes

: BRL 22.9 million

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