Moraes, of the STF, determines that deputy Daniel Silveira pay R$ 100 thousand in bail – 06/10/2021 – Power

The STF (Supreme Federal Court) determined this Thursday (10) that deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) pay a bond of R$ 100 thousand after the congressman violated the monitoring by electronic ankle bracelet several times.

When setting the amount, Minister Alexandre de Moraes quoted Silveira’s salary, which is R$ 33,763 per month, as shown on the Chamber of Deputies website.

An ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, Silveira is under house arrest and was arrested on the orders of Moraes after carrying out attacks on Supreme Court ministers. If he does not pay the bail, he may be detained preventively.

Last week, the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) asked for the deputy’s return to prison, but Moraes preferred to apply a fine.

“In the case under analysis, it is amply demonstrated, given the repeated violations of the electronic monitoring imposed, the inadequacy of the precautionary measures imposed in ending the periculum libertaris of the accused, which indicates the need to increase the measures applied. Thus, under the terms of art. . 322 and the Code of Criminal Procedure, it is a case of establishing bail, as alternatively required by the PGR,” Moraes said in his decision.

According to PGR reports on Silveira’s electronic monitoring, between April 5 and May 24, the deputy presented 30 violations related to the load on the anklet, the inclusion area and the breaking of the seal that surrounds the equipment.

This Wednesday (9), the rapporteur of the representation against Silveira in the Council of Ethics of the Chamber recommended the suspension of the term of office of the pocketman for six months. The vote on the opinion should take place next week.


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