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A greening project for Michurinsky Avenue has started in Moscow – activists planted 124 along the highway

Photo by Igor Degtyarev

apple seedlings. “This is the first stage of landscaping the avenue,” noted TV journalist Yevgeny Popov, who participated in the landscaping process. “We decided to continue the tradition that began in the post-war years – then about a thousand fruit trees were planted here. Some of them make us happy today. And in place of the lost, young Antonov women and white filling are blooming again ”.

On the eve of the action, the volunteer headquarters of Evgeny Popov organized a series of pickets, during which the volunteers collected 1,100 signatures in support of the avenue planting initiative, in order to find out how the townspeople treated it. The collected signatures became the basis for a collective appeal to the prefecture of the Western District with a request for assistance in carrying out landscaping, and the district authorities provided assistance to the townspeople. In addition, consultations were organized with ecologists and representatives of the Moscow State University Botanical Garden. “Communication with specialists allowed us to determine the type of trees, place and time of planting,” Popov said. “The general concern that green spaces are getting smaller is understandable. At the same time, cities are growing, more and more concrete and asphalted areas appear. Scientists estimate that the planet is missing a trillion trees. We have taken the first step towards improving the current situation, ”said Vladimir Chub, director of the Moscow State University Botanical Garden, who participated in the expert evaluation of the project. As Evgeny Popov notes, the project will continue in the fall – in total, they plan to plant about 500 trees and arrange a major environmental festival.

Now in the west of Moscow, construction is underway. “But this should not worsen the quality of life of ordinary people, negatively affect the ecological situation. Therefore, I suggest planting two instead of each felled tree! And it is fundamentally important that in the same area, ”Popov believes.


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