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The “Maprocuration” site facilitates the procedures for the regional and departmental elections on June 20 and 27. A voter can carry up to two proxies.

Will you be away from your town on June 20 and 27? To establish a proxy for the regional and departmental elections, the last ballots before the 2022 presidential election, there are only a few days left. The “Maprocuration” platform, launched in April by the Ministry of the Interior, facilitates the procedure. Objective: to limit abstention, against the backdrop of an electoral campaign marked by the Covid-19 epidemic.

● 1time step: registration in a few clicks

On the site, accessible via a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, the voter must inform, in a few clicks: the municipality where he is voting, the person to whom he gives his proxy and the ballots or the period during which he wishes to appoint this representative.

● 2e step: a quick check

Wherever he is in France, the voter must then go physically to a police station or a gendarmerie, provided with two documents: his identity document and the file reference obtained at the end of the first step. After this quick check, the digital file is sent directly to the municipality of the principal, responsible for definitively validating or not the power of attorney and for informing him.

Voters who prefer to use the paper procedure have two options: print the paper form themselves or go directly to the police station or the gendarmerie, wherever they are in France.

To promote the use of proxies, more flexible measures have been renewed: each voter can carry up to two proxies, against one usually. Inaugurated last year for the second round of municipal elections, this device was not enough to stem the abstention: only 41.86% of those registered had taken part in the ballot.


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