more young people than elderly admitted to intensive care

Patients under 39 admitted to intensive care in Chile now outnumber those over 70, health authorities said Thursday (April 8), noting a “radical change” compared to the first wave of coronavirus. “There is a steady decline in the number of admitted patients over the age of 70, a stabilization of patients between the ages of 60 and 70 and a sustained and worrying increase in the group under 59”, Secretary of State for Health Alfredo Dougnac said on Thursday, saying that now “The under-39 group surpasses that of the over-70s”.

Mass vaccination, which Chile began on February 3 and which allowed at least one dose of vaccine to be administered to 7.2 million people, as well as the appearance of new variants would explain this change. Vaccination began with the elderly and on Thursday 2,932,907 Chileans over 60 were vaccinated. The government’s goal is to vaccinate 15.2 million people (80% of the country’s total population) by June 30.

However, the progress of vaccination does not prevent a further rise in infections, which has led the authorities to impose strict containment in almost the entire country and to close the borders from Monday. A new daily record for new infections (8,195) and patients admitted to intensive care (3,044) was crossed on Thursday. Chile has recorded 1,051,270 positive cases and 23,979 deaths since the start of the pandemic.


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