Moro doesn’t know what it’s like to be president or minister, says Bolsonaro in another attack on former minister – 11/11/2021 – Power

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) said this Thursday (11) that former minister Sergio Moro, who was affiliated a day earlier with Somos, does not know what it is to be president or minister.

The former Lava Jato judge commanded the Ministry of Justice until April 2020, when he left the government under the allegation of interference by the agent in charge of the Federal Police.

Moro, who has always said he would not go into politics, is listed as the so-called “third way” candidate for Planalto, against Bolsonaro and former president Lula, the first two positioned ahead in the polls.

“He learned nothing, learned nothing. A year and four months there [no ministério], he doesn’t know what it is to be president or to be a minister,” he told supporters in the playpen at Palácio do Alvorada.

“Did you like the speech read by the guy yesterday? I watched it because it was my minister, right. He read the speech, with two teleprompters there.”

Moro’s speech at themos entrance ceremony had the tone of a presidential candidate. In it, he defended the legacy of Lava Jato and attacked Bolsonaro.

Regarding the chief executive, the former minister said that he was boycotted by the government and that he had no support for fighting corruption.

“When I saw my work boycotted and when the promise that the government would fight corruption without protecting anyone was broken, continuing as minister would be just a farce,” Moro said.

On social media, the former ally was called “traíra” by supporters of the president. They also rescued old videos in which Moro claimed he would not go into politics.

The former minister’s accusations against Bolsonaro led to the opening of an investigation in the PF.

Last week, the president admitted having requested changes in the organization’s command, but said that Moro made the changes conditional on his nomination for a vacancy in the STF (Supreme Federal Court). Moro’s defense denies the allegation.

The former judge also defended in his speech at the affiliation the legacy of Lava Jato and attacked Lula, who condemned and imprisoned in the operation, interrupting his candidacy for Planalto in 2018.

“No more corruption, no more monthly allowances, no more petrol, no more cracking, no more secret budgeting. No more wanting to take advantage of everything and deceive the Brazilian people,” Moro spoke to an auditorium with around 700 people.

The PT member was imprisoned for 580 days in Curitiba, on the orders of Moro. He was released after the STF changed its understanding on imprisonment after second instance (it can only occur after the end of appeals).

This year, Moro still had a tough defeat at the Supreme Court. The Court, after overturning the convictions against Lula in the actions in Curitiba, found the former judge impartial in conducting the process.

At the Palácio do Planalto, aides to the president believe that the ex-minister’s entry into the electoral race will have an impact on the third, but they do not see enough political force to break the polarization.

Bolsonaro’s aides believe Moro has little room to grow in the polls. The main argument is that the former judge will hardly be able to build a party alliance with congressmen and mayors that will give him support to advance in the dispute.

One of the consequences, say palace advisers, is that Moro should not have access to competitive television time.

Bolsonaro had, on Wednesday, a meeting with Valdemar da Costa Neto, president of PL. The director of the center confirmed the president’s affiliation hours later.

Valdemar is a former ally of Lula, was convicted and imprisoned in the monthly allowance scandal.

The president said in a radio interview on Wednesday that he was 99.9% closed with the party, which lacked adjustments in the stands in some states, such as São Paulo.

Already today, after meeting with Valdemar, Bolsonaro told supporters he did not see a name in São Paulo to dispute the state government.

“When talking about São Paulo, for example, several states in Brazil, the difficulty of choosing a candidate. We don’t see a name in São Paulo,” he told supporters at Alvorada.

The president wanted to launch Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure) for Bandeirantes, but the minister resists the idea. He prefers to go to the Senate.

Central leaders also believe he has little chance of running for governor.

The PP, another party from Bolsonaro’s allied base in which he almost joined, was defending a ticket with former governor Geraldo Alckmin, for Bandeirantes, and Tarcisio, for the Senate. But Bolsonaro does not want to support his political opponent.


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