Moscow allowed to make drain holes in the floor

The ladder is in demand for apartments with combined bathrooms with an area of ​​4–5 sq. m

The mayor’s office of the capital adopted amendments to building codes concerning water supply and sewerage: now it is possible to install plumbing drains in apartments – showers with a built-in tray. These structures have been outlawed since 2012 – then, according to the norms, only ready-made shower cabins were allowed to be installed. Why the norms have changed now and whether it is worth installing a ladder at home – I found out “MK”.

What is a ladder, know not only the owners of post-Soviet apartments with designer renovation, but also the owners of living space in the old fund. Until the mid-1950s, floor drains were almost standard in bathrooms. A cast-iron pipe came up to it, flush-mounted into the floor screed, and this floor itself was well waterproofed and sloped towards the drain.

Of course, in the old fund, the ladder was an emergency system – the pipe helped to avoid a flood if someone forgot to close the tap. But in the era of European-style renovation, the system was loved for minimalism: it was possible to arrange a shower room without any enclosing structures. On the walls and on the floor – tiles, draining directly into the floor – beauty and spaciousness. But there were also disadvantages.

“If I have to work with such a structure, I immediately raise the tariff by half,” says Nikolai Aleshin, a plumber working in the north of Moscow. – Of course, there are well-made ladders – they can lie for at least a hundred years and do not require repair. But if you need help – for example, the water does not go away – everything is twice, three times more difficult. In principle, you can’t get to the drain-overflow – it means that hair and sludge removal only with a cable, chemistry does not solve anything here. There is no siphon in some structures – and this is a constant smell. And completely “dim the light” if the structure starts to leak. I immediately tell the owners: break the entire structure together with the screed and put up a normal cabin.

According to the plumber, at one time the gangways were banned precisely because of leaks: the decreased quality of the work of the assembly teams made it impossible to guarantee tightness. And the components sold now are far from old-time cast iron in terms of durability. You will definitely need repairs “during your lifetime” – but how to do it, to open the entire structure?

Nevertheless, the ladders were still allowed again. As the employees of the Moscow Housing Inspectorate told “MK”, ​​requests to legalize such a planning decision came both from individuals and from contractors of finishing works. Moreover, it was the second ones that were of decisive importance: it turns out that the gangway allows you to save the area of ​​the bathroom and make a decent finish even with a “dwarf” footage.

– The ladder is in demand for studio apartments, where there are now solutions for combined bathrooms with an area of ​​4–5 sq. m, – explained an employee of the department. – In such an area, the extra 20 centimeters in each dimension for the shower stall is of great importance, and the standard shower module made of glass and plastic looks too bulky.

Note that MZH will agree on all such projects as a redevelopment, and the owners are obliged to make high-quality waterproofing. In fact, this means that if a leak does happen, the person who carried out the work will be responsible for its absence. It turns out that the arrangement of the plumbing ladder – as well as, say, the installation of a washing machine – is highly desirable to be carried out by certified contractors, “in white”.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” # 28646 dated October 15, 2021

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