Moscow oncologists will be trained in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms of the central nervous system

– Moscow is the country’s leader in the use of modern technologies and methods of cancer treatment. In many respects, this became possible due to the introduction of a new standard of oncological care. Therefore, physicians need to have key skills and competencies to provide effective patient care. One of the important steps in this direction is to improve the professional level of specialists. To solve this problem, in July this year, on the basis of the Personnel Center of the Department of Health, a large-scale educational program was launched from 14 modules for oncologists, including one basic and 13 specialized ones. Now we have launched a new module on malignant neoplasms of the central nervous system. Given the importance of this area, the program will be attended by oncologists working in the capital’s oncological medical organizations – about 700 doctors.

Training on the new module is designed for 18 hours. During this time, oncologists will update their knowledge of modern methods and approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with malignant neoplasms of the central nervous system. Also, specialists will improve the skills of managing such patients after the illness.

The importance of increasing the level of knowledge about oncological diseases of the central nervous system is associated with the rapid progression of the disease. Therefore, the quality and life expectancy of patients directly depend on the timely diagnosis of the disease, as well as the determination of the optimal treatment tactics.

Within the framework of the program, oncologists have already been trained in three modules: basic, oncourology and oncogynecology. Under the program of the basic module, specialists got acquainted with the issues of patient routing, client paths, and other aspects. In oncourology and oncogynecology, specialists studied the main possibilities for diagnosing and treating malignant neoplasms in their field, and consolidated their practical knowledge and skills on the simulation equipment of the Personnel Center of the Department of Health.

Speaking about the importance of the training project for doctors of this profile, the chief oncologist of Moscow, director of the Moscow Clinical Research Center named after V.I. Loginova Igor Khatkov said:

– Oncology is a very actively developing branch of medicine in all its main areas: surgery, radiation therapy, and especially drug therapy. In particular, over the past twenty years, methods of drug treatment of cancer have changed a lot – and continue to change from day to day. This was achieved through the introduction of targeted and immune therapies, as well as improving the quality of pathomorphological diagnostics, which makes it possible to select drugs for a specific type of tumor for each individual patient. All this, of course, requires doctors to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. In this they are helped by additional education programs that are implemented in the Personnel Center of the Moscow Health Department. Thanks to them, oncologists improve their professional level and get acquainted with the most advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment, in order to subsequently apply the knowledge gained in the most effective way in their daily practice.

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