“Mossad secrets” is a potential obstacle to the nuclear deal with Iran

The head of the Israeli “Mossad” intelligence service, Yossi Cohen, intends to visit Washington in the coming days, to transfer classified information about Iran.

The “13” Israeli Channel said: “Cohen will meet with senior officials in the American administration, and provide classified intelligence information and evidence confirming the lies of the Iranians, and withholding information about the nuclear project.”

The Israeli channel suggested that the visit would take place “in the coming days,” and would include “holding meetings with senior White House officials and heads of intelligence services in the United States.”

And she continued: “This will be the first visit of a senior Israeli figure to Washington, after the inauguration of President Joe Biden.”

She added, “The Mossad chief will arrive at the White House before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the American capital under the current leadership,” adding, “The Israeli government is trying to set a date for a meeting between President Joe Biden and the Israeli prime minister.”

“The head of the Mossad will try to convince American officials that there is no need for a new agreement,” she said.

Israel does not support a new deal with Iran on its nuclear program, or the lifting of the US sanctions imposed on it since 2018, and confirms that Tehran seeks to acquire a nuclear weapon.

At a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust yesterday, Netanyahu said that “Israel will not be bound by any agreement that paves the way for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

“As we move forward, there are things that can take us back,” he added. “The nuclear deal with Iran is on the table again,” adding, “These kind of deals with extremist regimes are not worth anything.”

On Tuesday, the United States participated indirectly in the talks that took place in Vienna about the Iranian nuclear program, describing it as “constructive” without announcing its results.

The international powers signed an agreement curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions in 2015, but Tehran did not stop violating the agreement and resorted to enriching uranium in disturbing quantities recently, as well as impeding the work of inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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