Most powerful car in Audi’s history arrives in Brazil and is electric – 05/21/2021 – Eduardo Sodré

The acronym RS (“rennsport”, automotive race in German) defines the fastest in the Audi line and, until 2020, was present in models fueled with gasoline. The pattern changed this year, with the arrival of the RS e-Tron GT.

The high-performance coupe is powered by electricity, and not just that. The combination of its two engines generates the equivalent of 646 hp. It is the most powerful car ever made by the automaker, capable of running about 400 km on a full charge of its batteries.

Its platform is the same as that of the German Porsche Taycan. The cars compete with each other in the market and follow the path of the pioneer in this segment, the Tesla Model S. Launched in 2012, the American model was the first to combine luxury, high performance and electricity.

In a test at Autódromo Fazenda Capuava, in Indaiatuba (interior of São Paulo), the RS e-Tron GT started from zero and reached 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. No other model in the Audi line can reach this speed in such a short period of time.

There is no space on the streets for such performance, which can only be properly checked on closed lanes. But the electric coupe gets carried away by cities and roads with the smoothness of a highly exclusive luxury sedan: it starts at R $ 950 thousand.

“Electric vehicles still have a much higher cost than combustion vehicles. The cost of the battery has already dropped a lot, but there is still a big difference between them, ”says Johannes Roscheck, president of Audi in Brazil. “We believe that in five years the cost can reach the level of a current combustion car.”

The executive says that electrification should only grow and that the German automaker plans to bring hybrid models to Brazil.

The superlatives of the RS e-Tron GT show what will become of Audi when combustion engines stop equipping new cars. The change is underway and should be consolidated in the next decade.

With batteries installed on the floor and all-wheel drive, the electric sports car makes perfect turns. It is an example that electric cars can offer dynamic performance equal to or greater than that of gasoline-powered supercars.

The roar of the combustion engines will leave you longing, but this is possible to overcome. In the case of the RS e-Tron GT, speakers simulate the sound in and out of the car.

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