Mother’s Day 2022 in Russia: when is celebrated, the history and traditions of the holiday

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries, and Russia is no exception. When it is celebrated, where did the beginning of the holiday come from and what traditions does it have – in the material “MK in St. Petersburg”.

In our country, Mother’s Day falls on the last Sunday of November, so this year mothers and grandmothers will be congratulated on November 27th.

At the same time, more than 20 countries of the world celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Among them are the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Japan, Brazil and Australia. International Mother’s Day in 2022 falls on May 8th.

history of the holiday

Even the ancient Greeks had a mother cult: in March, in honor of Rhea, the progenitor of the gods, various mysteries took place. In Britain, the fourth Sunday of Lent was considered “mother’s”. In the XVII-XIX centuries, all the mothers of the country were congratulated on this day.

In the United States, one of the first to celebrate the holiday was Julia Ward Howe in 1872. At that time, this idea did not meet with support. But the initiative of her compatriot Anna Jarvis in 1907 found a response. Virginia became the first state in 1910. It was there that Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time. And four years later, by decision of US President Woodrow Wilson, it spread throughout the country.


The first attempt to establish Mother’s Day in Russia took place as early as 1915. This day fell on December 1, but was not fixed in the national calendar. Later, already in the USSR, the teacher Elmira Huseynova came up with the initiative to create Mother’s Day, and on October 30, 1988 she held it in one of the Baku schools.

In the 1990s, the idea of ​​creating Mother’s Day came back again. The initiator was Alevtina Aparina, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, member of the Committee on Women, Family and Youth Affairs. And in 1998, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the establishment of a holiday, the purpose of which was to remind the important role of the mother in the life of every person.

Holiday traditions

Although Mother’s Day in Russia is a young holiday, it has already acquired its own traditions. So, he got his own symbol – forget-me-not. By the way, images of teddy bears with forget-me-nots in their paws are also an attribute of the holiday. The All-Russian social action “Mom, I love you!” is dedicated to this day.


Concerts, competitions, promotions, exhibitions are held all over the country. Mother’s Day is especially loved in schools and kindergartens. Children are happy to tell poems about mothers, draw their portraits and make gifts with their own hands. In institutions, impromptu exhibitions are often held with photographs of employees and their parents.

Other countries also have their own holiday culture. In Great Britain and Ireland, for example, it is customary to cook a cake called “Simnel” on Mother’s Sunday. This is a cake with pieces of dried fruits and candied fruits, spices, almond paste and marzipan.

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