Mother’s Day in Russia: History and traditions of the holiday

history of the holiday

The whole history of mankind is inherent in the cult of the mother, which existed in different peoples on opposite points of the globe. The ancient Greeks worshiped the mother of all gods – Rhea, the Romans – the mother of the gods Cybella, the Celts paid honors to mothers during the celebration of the goddess Bridget.

The first attempts to establish Mother’s Day in Russian history date back to December 1, 1915, but at that time the date could not be settled and was not included in the holiday calendar.

The legislative consolidation of the holiday took place only in 1993, but not on a national, but on a regional scale. The Republic of Sakha became the first subject of the Federation to establish Mother’s Day.

Five years later, in 1998, Mother’s Day was established by decree of the President of Russia and officially became a holiday for the whole country. The initiative to establish the holiday was then put forward by the State Duma Committee on Women, Family and Youth Affairs.

The main goals of establishing the holiday were to consolidate family foundations, support the traditions of caring for women, and, of course, emphasize the special role of the mother in the life of every person.


According to the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day that has developed over 24 years, it is customary to congratulate all pregnant women, mothers and grandmothers on this day. At the same time, special attention is paid to mothers who have achieved particular success in raising children, in particular, mothers of many children and mothers who raise children alone.

Forget-me-not has become the symbol of Mother’s Day in Russia, it is believed that the flower symbolizes constancy, devotion and selfless love – something with which the image of the mother is most associated.

Traditionally, on Mother’s Day or on the eve of the holiday, themed concerts, promotions, exhibitions and other events are held throughout the country. In schools, children draw mothers during the lessons, recite poems dedicated to them and make gifts for them with their own hands.

Among other things, for several years now Russia has been hosting a social action “Mom, I love you!” Timed to coincide with Mother’s Day. On the week before the holiday, as part of the campaign, thematic postcards are distributed, which can be presented to mothers, as well as other events dedicated to the holiday.

Interesting Facts

  • The largest mother in Russia is 71-year-old Tatyana Sorokina from the Rostov region. During her life, she raised 83 children, of which she gave birth to only two children on her own, all the rest were adopted and adopted.
  • In August 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree establishing the title “Mother Heroine”. It is awarded to women who have given birth and raised 10 or more children. The awarded woman is paid one million rubles at a time.
  • The word “mother” sounds similar in many languages ​​of the world. It is believed that this may be due to the fact that it comes from the sounds that the child makes.
  • Mother’s Day is an international holiday celebrated annually in most countries of the world, it is mainly celebrated in May.
  • One of the founders of the celebration of Mother’s Day in the late Soviet era was Elmira Javadovna Huseynova, a teacher of Russian language and literature from Baku. On her initiative, on October 30, 1988, a festive concert dedicated to motherhood was prepared and held in one of the city schools.

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