MP Martine Wonner wants to create her “movement”

Excluded from her group after remarks calling for “invading” the offices of parliamentarians, the elected representative wants an “apolitical and citizen” movement.

Covidosceptic deputy Martine Wonner, excluded from her group in the National Assembly after comments calling for “to invade“The offices of parliamentarians, said Wednesday, July 21, preparing to launch its own”movement».

The official creation of this “non-political and citizen movement“, Called”Together for freedoms“, Is in its”home stretch», Said the deputy of Bas-Rhin during a press conference at the Palais Bourbon. He will address himself “to all those French citizens who can’t take it anymore», Added this ex-member of the Freedoms and Territories group and previously LREM.

«I think one of the first things that should be done would be to dissolve political parties», Added the now non-registered member, who did not wear a mask, contrary to the recommendations of the President of the Assembly. “Citizens would finally be heard“If parliamentarians”did not think above all about their ego and their career», She continued.

«The pass of shame»

Martine Wonner also returned to her remarks, urging protesters against the health pass on Saturday in Paris to “make the seat of parliamentarians“And”invade their officesTo express their disagreement. “I assume my words“, Declared the deputy, while explaining again that they had been”taken out of context“. She explained that she was addressing, in the effervescence of a demonstration, protesters who asked how to challenge their elected officials. In a quieter environment, “I might not have used it like thisThese terms, she said, adding that “any form of violence is unacceptable».

These remarks, while deputies report intimidation or death threats from opponents of the health pass, have earned him many criticisms and a referral to justice at the request of the boss of LREM deputies Christophe Castaner, transmitted by the President of the Assembly Richard Ferrand. The elected, trained psychiatrist, also reiterated her attacks on the health pass – “the pass of shame“, According to her – and the measures”liberticidesOf the anti-Covid bill under consideration by the Assembly and the Senate. The “forced passage“Government is a”clearly unconstitutional process», She estimated.

While she defended in the afternoon, this time masked and under boos, an amendment to delete the key article of the bill, LREM deputies left the chamber to express their condemnation of her remarks. “Apologies to the national representation», Even asked a deputy. “Are you aware here that I have been threatened as much, or even more threatened every day for the past 18 months?», Launched Martine Wonner to his colleagues, while pro-vaccine deputies were threatened with death.


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