Multishow says goodbye to his star: ‘Comedy genius’

Today, Brazil loses one of its most beloved artists. For the audience, an idol, a comedy genius. For us at Multishow, in addition to all this, also a friend and an important part of our history.

Paulo Gustavo was pure energy, a natural talent, a great artist. He did his job with mastery and was responsible for encouraging and opening doors for a whole new generation of comedians. It democratized humor and brought all its artistic capacity to TV, its characters that were intense and real. In addition to being an excellent actor, he was an accurate screenwriter, with light texts and full of nuances. He used his characters and his own image as an active voice in the struggle for important guidelines of society, such as racism and homophobia.

He arrived at Multishow in 2011 with the ‘220 Volts – The Series’, bringing to the small screen characters that remained in history and brought a lot of fun to the lives of Brazilians, such as Senhora dos Absurdos, Sem Noção and the unforgettable Dona Hermínia, inspired by her mother, Dona Déa, with whom millions of families identify.

In this decade of success, Paulo starred in ‘Vai Que Cola’ (2013), alongside great partners and friends such as Marcus Majella, Tatá Werneck and Samantha Schmütz; ‘Paulo Gustavo Na Estrada’ (2014), which showed the backstage of his tour of theaters in Brazil; ‘A Vila’ (2017), a sitcom that showed the confusions of the ex-clown Rique, and ‘Além da Ilha’, a comedy thriller in partnership with Globoplay.

Versatile, dynamic and with an incredible talent for live broadcasts, Paulo Gustavo led six editions of the Multishow Award, sharing the stage with names like Ivete Sangalo, Tatá Werneck, Anitta, Iza and Didi Wagner. His last work at Multishow was the ‘Especial 220 Volts’, made in partnership with TV Globo and shown at Christmas 2020.

To Paulo’s family – Dona Déa, Júlio Marcos, Ju Amaral, Thales and the boys, Gael and Romeu – all our affection and solidarity.

May Paulo’s long and difficult struggle for life be a milestone for our country to unite in the fight against the pandemic.

We, from the Multishow Family, are deeply shaken, but we will continue with Paulo Gustavo’s mission, which was to make humor a way of healing, of encouragement, of escape for all this madness that we live.

Thank you very much for sharing with Brazil all your talent and your joy. You marked our history. Eternal applause for you, our beloved PG. ”

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