Muscovites buy used cups for big money: “Demand is crazy”

They serve coffee in a trendy new restaurant

An unexpected buzz has arisen around simple cardboard coffee cups. Muscovites are ready to buy this simple item for fabulous money! True, this applies only to certain glasses, filled with a recently opened fashionable place in the center of Moscow.

Dozens of advertisements for the sale of cardboard containers for coffee appeared on the network. Cups with a capacity of 300 ml are offered to be purchased for serious money. The most “economical” offer is 2,000 rubles, but according to some reports, the price can go up to 95 thousand. Moreover, the products themselves have often even been used. Sellers honestly report that there are drops on the walls. Some disinfect cardboard, while others offer delivery to all regions.

– The fact is that these are glasses from a recently opened fashionable place in the center, – says one of the sellers Anna. – They are of a pleasant olive color with a label of a company that produces fashion-class items. I put mine as a joke, without even writing the prices, after I found out that now there is some crazy demand for them. In a matter of minutes, 12 people called me! Of course, I’ll give mine for free, why do I need it? In general, I do not really understand this excitement, because anyone can enter this place. And the price of coffee in this very glass ranges from 200 to 350 rubles.

Other sellers also noted that the product is not stale. Perhaps not all customers know where they can get such a glass, or they live in other cities. In general, the new trend is very reminiscent of the previously fashionable rental of packages from TSUM, as well as huge bouquets of roses that could be taken for a photo for a couple of hours.

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28555 dated June 9, 2021

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Muscovites started hunting for used cups


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