“Mysteriously disappeared” .. genetic information related to the origin of Corona was deleted from a database in Wuhan

An American virologist found that 13 genetic sequences of people infected with Covid-19 during the early days of the epidemic in Wuhan, China, were mysteriously deleted from an Internet database.

And the scientist specializing in the evolution of the virus at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Jesse Bloom, said that he was able to recover copies of the deleted data, according to the Buzzfeed news site.

“Certainly, they are coordinated attempts to hide the sequences,” Bloom added in his speech to the American website, referring to the possibility of the Chinese authorities deleting this data due to fears of exposing the origins of the epidemic.

He noted that “there is no reasonable scientific reason to delete” that data from the Internet, arguing that the sequences were likely “deleted to hide their existence”.

In his paper, Bloom explained that this indicates “less than an effort was made to track the early spread of the epidemic.”

Bloom realized that some of the data had been omitted after reading a research paper from a team led by Carlos Farcas at the University of Manitoba in Canada on some of the oldest genetic sequences of the coronavirus, known scientifically as “SARS-CoV-2”.

Farkas’ paper described sequences taken from hospital outpatient clinics in a project by Wuhan researchers who were developing diagnostic tests for the virus.

But when Bloom tried to download the sequences from the Sequence Reading Archive, an online database operated by the US National Institutes of Health, he received messages that they had been removed.

Dr. Bloom realized that copies of the data were also kept on servers operated by Google, and was able to solve the mystery of the URLs where the missing sequences could be found in the US company’s cloud.

In this way, he recovered 13 genetic sequences that may help answer questions about how the Corona virus evolved and where it spread to humans.

“This study is very interesting, and in my opinion, the analysis is absolutely correct,” Farkas told Buzzfeed by email. Former US Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb praised the results, in a tweet on Twitter.

Dr. Bloom is among 18 other scientists who in May published a letter criticizing the WHO and China study on the origins of the coronavirus.

The scientists criticized that the WHO report failed to give “balanced consideration” to the theory of the virus leaking from the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a theory that the international team tasked with examining the epidemic facility ruled out.

The team, consisting of scientists from the World Health Organization and their Chinese counterparts, visited Wuhan last January to research the origins of the epidemic that led to complete chaos in the world.

The team later concluded that the emerging corona virus was transmitted to humans through animals.

The hypothesis of “leakage from the laboratory” when studying the origins of the Covid-19 disease received great attention recently, after a report prepared by a national laboratory affiliated with the US administration concluded that the leakage of the Corona virus that causes the disease, from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, is a hypothesis that deserves further investigation, after the Chinese blackout. On the investigation efforts on the origin of the origin.

And US President Joe Biden directed his country’s intelligence agencies to conduct an American investigation into the origins of the virus.

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