Nadia from the TV series “Always say” Always “: how was the fate of the actress

She was destined to become a singer – Tatyana Abramova, as long as she can remember, always sang, won music competitions. But she decided to become an actress … She was supposed to study at the theater school. Shchepkina, where the visiting commission took her. However, with a wave of her hand at Moscow, she went to St. Petersburg almost nowhere. Why? About this and not only the artist will talk with the host Tatyana Ustinova in the program “My Hero” on the channel “TV Center”.

– Since childhood, as soon as I started babbling, I started to sing, – says Tatiana. – And, of course, they sent me to a music school. But my family and I was musical: mom and dad sang at the holidays, dad played the guitar and piano, he composed songs.

At the same time, the parents of the actress had no relation either to the theater or to the stage – both worked in the oil industry – first in Nizhnevartovsk, then in Tyumen. Tanya was a very artistic girl. She loved poetry, read many books, participated in theatrical performances and, of course, sang. And then one day fate brought 14-year-old Abramova to Moscow in the “Morning Star” program. What was her debut on the big stage? Did she become popular at school after that? Why, having qualified for the theater school. Schepkina, she suddenly went to St. Petersburg? How did the article titled “The Red Miracle” help her get into Vitaly Solomin’s film “The Hunt”?

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“I first came to the Lenfilm film studio, saw Vitaly Methodievich – handsome, stunning, in a white cloak and scarf,” Tatiana recalls. – While they were dressing me, making up, everyone was whispering something to me, prompting, advising. And thanks to Vitaly Methodievich, who was very helpful and encouraging.

After her debut film in the difficult 90s, a lull came for Abramova in cinema, until in the early 2000s the series “Always say” always “happened. This project played a big role in the life of Tatiana Abramova, making her a popular actress, and Tatiana Ustinova, who wrote the script and became famous overnight. The series lasted 9 seasons and was very fond of viewers. He changed not only Abramova’s professional life – during the filming, her son Ivan was born and at the age of 25 days he appeared in the frame, playing the child of the heroine Maria Poroshina.

Many friends and colleagues, including Poroshin, say about Tatiana that she always helps everyone.

– This is a character trait that cannot be altered and cannot be removed or closed. There is always a cycle of people around me. I cannot refuse those in need – it is hard, I cannot pass by. I always deal with the problems of different people, – Tatiana smiles.

Do her sons Ivan and Alexander make music? How does her husband, actor Yuri Belyaev, speak of working with Tatyana? Does she feel sorry for herself sometimes? You will find out by watching the release of the program “My Hero” on the TV Center TV channel.

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