Naftogaz confirms purchases of more expensive gas – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Naftogaz Ukrainy complained about high gas prices. At the same time, Kiev is proud to call such an unprofitable import of fuel for the country, bypassing Russia, a guarantee of the republic’s “energy security”. Such statements were made by the head of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko.

At the YES Brainstorming forum, Mr. Vitrenko confirmed that Ukraine is forced to purchase gas at a very high price. “But the country’s energy security is a priority for us and, despite high prices, we import gas to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian top manager of RIA Novosti is quoted as saying with reference to the Ukraine 24 channel.

According to him, almost 19 billion cubic meters have been accumulated in the Ukrainian underground storage facilities. The fact is that since 2015, Ukraine no longer buys gas directly from the Russian Federation, but actually buys it from Europe, the agency reminds.

Since 2020, when the terms of the transit contract with Gazprom ended, Kiev has completely switched to the so-called virtual reverse scheme. The Ukrainian authorities have solemnly declared their “independence” from Russian gas, although the new scheme is clearly disadvantageous for Ukrainian taxpayers.


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