Nar supports the publication of a book about teachers-war veterans

Nar will support the publication of a book about the heroism of teachers who participated in the 44-day World War II. The book will contain 38 interviews prepared by the Baku City Education Department and the Qafqazinfo news portal within the framework of the Let’s Get to Know Our Heroic Teachers project. It should be noted that these articles aroused great interest in society and contributed to the development of military patriotism among schoolchildren.

The original book of about 150 pages will be published in 2,000 copies and will be published in 4 colors. The book will be distributed free of charge in schools in Baku and other schools throughout the country. The presentation of the book, which will be published in Turkey, is planned to be held on the eve of Victory Day. Note that the goal of the project is to disseminate information about our veteran teachers and their contribution to the upbringing of future generations.

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