NASA reveals plans to return to Venus

The US space agency, NASA, revealed, on Wednesday, the launch of two exploratory missions to the planet Venus, during the period between 2028 and 2030.

And when this achievement is crowned with success, the United States will have returned its vehicles for the first time in 30 years to Venus.

The flights chosen by NASA are among a group of missions that participated in the “Discover 2019” competition, launched by the agency.

NASA chose the two missions “Da Vinci +” and “Veritas” to reach Venus, and said that it would give each of them about $ 500 million for development purposes.

“We hope that these missions will advance our understanding of how Earth evolved and why it is currently habitable when other (planets) in our solar system are not,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said Wednesday.

He added that “planetary science is important in answering major questions that we as humans have, such as: Are we alone?”

According to the agency, the upcoming missions aim to understand how Venus has become “hell-like”, while having many other properties similar to Earth.

The agency says that Venus may have been the first habitable world in the solar system, integrated with the presence of an ocean and a climate similar to that of Earth.

The mission “Da Vinci +” will explore the composition of the atmosphere of Venus, in an effort to understand how it formed and evolved.

The mission will also investigate whether there was an ocean on the surface of Venus earlier, and will study the geology of the planet.

For Mission Veritas, it will map the surface of Venus, helping determine the geological history of the planet and understanding why it evolved differently from Earth.

The mission will also explore the composition of Venus’ rocks, and determine whether there were previously active volcanoes that released water vapor into the atmosphere.

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