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Another scandal erupted in Latvia over the Russian language used by the authorities. This time, the festive design of the official website of the Riga City Council caused a wave of criticism from the Latvian nationalists. This was reported on November 11 by “Sputnik Latvia”.

As it became known, the discontent of the minded citizens caused the design of the government resource with a pattern reminiscent of the St. George’s ribbon banned in the country, as well as a slogan in Russian.

It is noted that the situation was especially aggravated by the fact that the portal was dedicated to a number of national Latvian holidays. In particular, we are talking about the Lāčplēsis Day and the Day of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.

“Outrageous! The Riga City Council already quite openly supports the St. George ribbons and their carriers, ”one of the commentators wrote on social networks.

According to another user, such a design is “absolutely unacceptable for congratulating Latvia on its birthday”, since many of its inhabitants associate the colors of the St. George ribbon with the occupation.

Earlier, on October 8, it was reported that the head of Latvia, Egils Levits, criticized the requirement of knowledge of the Russian language in employment. He drew attention to the fact that 30 years after the restoration of independence, knowledge of the Russian language in the country is still in excessive demand when applying for a job.

Prior to that, in June, the President of Latvia issued an address to the nation, in which he urged in every possible way to preserve and multiply the main national treasure – the Latvian language. For this, according to Levits, it is necessary to fight against another language – Russian, which is spoken by up to 35% of the country’s population.

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