negotiations for French fishermen in Jersey will resume, announces Annick Girardin

The restrictions imposed by Jersey could be postponed until the end of July, allowing discussions to resume upstream.

Negotiations over the fate of French fishermen in Jersey waters, some of whom had been issued fishing licenses with restrictions deemed “inadmissible“By Paris, will resume”in the coming hoursMinister of the Sea Annick Girardin said on Tuesday.

«The cooperation agreement, of course, is struggling to implement», «Jersey has just suggested that we postpone these technical restrictions until the end of July, so that we can resume discussions in the coming hours, I will respond in writing, France will respond in writing.Annick Girardin said in questions to the government in the National Assembly.

Appeasement of the situation

An explosive subject throughout the negotiations on the conditions for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, the access of European fishermen to British waters continues to cause friction despite the agreement reached between London and Brussels, in force since January 1st. According to Paris, the United Kingdom published a list of 41 French vessels, out of 344 requests, authorized to fish in Jersey waters, but this was accompanied by new requirements that had not been concerted, discussed or notified. before as part of the deal. Welcoming the appeasement of the situation, the United Kingdom on Thursday recalled its two patrol boats after the departure of dozens of French fishing boats which had gathered in Jersey, at the heart of the post-Brexit dispute between Paris and London on the access to the fish-rich waters of the Channel Island.


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