Netanyahu insists on organizing the “flags march” despite criticism and fears

Atlanta, USA (CNN) – The controversial “Flags Rally” is set to take place in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday, June 15, according to a statement from the government’s Israel Security Committee.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “The march will be held next Tuesday in coordination between the police and the march’s organizers,” and the committee approved its holding at the request of the Minister of Defense.

The statement also stated: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw the importance of reaching an agreement on the flag march, and accordingly took a break during the cabinet meeting and asked Defense Minister Benny Gantz to reach an agreement.”

And the Israeli police announced Monday that the march, which was scheduled to take place Thursday, was canceled, and a new date will be set in coordination at a later time, and it was canceled a month ago due to fears that it might ignite the already tense situation.

Monday’s decision drew criticism from organizers and politicians, and some Knesset members, such as Ben Gvir, said he would go all the way in any case.


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