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Lula’s trip to Europe provided, in reverse, the most disheartening foreshadowing of next year’s electoral dispute. It took readers and viewers to growl with suspicion, so that the news of the main dailies and broadcasters included the subject of undeniable political and journalistic relevance. A week had already passed since the beginning, on the 11th, of the trip at the invitation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the SPD, party of the future prime minister of Germany.

No less suggestive component in the silence turned out to be its closure, also coinciding, on the date, between the different channels of news. Almost an involuntary information of coincidences in everything combined. Especially considering the many influence groups, the usual ones and several recent ones, already active for the electoral decision (the temporary stabilization of Bolsonaro freed them from the work of supporting him). Read more (11/20/2021 – 23:15) .

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