News about the possibility of US-Russian cooperation to open humanitarian corridors in Syria

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Sky News Arabia quoted sources in the US State Department, saying that President Joe Biden confirmed the possibility of cooperation with Russia on opening humanitarian corridors in Syria, in an effort to alleviate the crisis it is experiencing.

The US State Department confirmed the possibility of this cooperation, while Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, concluded a bilateral summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden announced their decision to launch a bilateral dialogue on strategic stability, stressing Moscow and Washington’s adherence to the need to prevent a nuclear war.
“Today, we renew our adherence to the principle that nuclear war can have no victor and must never be waged,” said a joint declaration by the two presidents, issued at the conclusion of their summit in Geneva and published on the Kremlin’s website, this evening, Wednesday.

The two presidents also stated that the recent extension of the “START 3” treaty between Moscow and Washington indicates the two countries’ adherence to the control of nuclear weapons, and that “in order to achieve these goals, Russia and the United States will launch as soon as possible a comprehensive bilateral dialogue on strategic stability, which will be substantial and active.”

The two presidents stated that, by launching this dialogue, they seek to “lay a basis for future arms control and measures to reduce risks.”

In the joint declaration, Putin and Biden noted that Russia and the United States have previously shown that they are able – even in periods of tension – to make progress in achieving common goals in ensuring predictability in the strategic sphere and reducing the risks of armed conflict and the threat of nuclear war.

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