Nick Conrad lawsuits overturned on appeal

Rapper Nick Conrad, sentenced at first instance for provocation to crime in his video clip “Hang the Whites“, Was released Thursday on appeal in Paris for a procedural matter, we learned from a judicial source.

The court of appeal reversed the judgment of the court which in March 2019 had condemned the rapper, propelled out of anonymity by the controversy caused by this video, to a 5,000 euros suspended fine. The Court of Appeal upheld the nullities raised by the defense and quashed the summons to appear issued to Nick Conrad, without ruling on the merits of the case.

«A call to reason keep»

«I am very happy with this decision which shows that it is never good to act in haste», Reacted his lawyer Chloé Arnoux. “It is a procedure which was carried out with haste and approximation in response to a media frenzy. (…) It’s a call to reason to keep rather than howling with the wolves», Welcomed his second advice David Apelbaum.

Both the general prosecutor’s office and the civil parties have the possibility of lodging an appeal on points of law. In September 2018, the broadcast of this clip, since withdrawn by YouTube, had ignited social networks and sparked many condemnations within the government and in the political class.

Nick Conrad, a self-produced black artist, took to the stage, thrusting a gun into a white man’s mouth, shooting him or smashing his head on a sidewalk. The victim also appeared hanged.

«I go into nurseries, I kill white babies (…), hang their parents, push them aside to pass the time“Proclaimed the words in particular. “Whip ’em hard, do it frankly, let it stink of death, let it piss blood».

Images “violent and brutal»

Nick Conrad – a pseudonym – has always championed a “fiction»Activist stuffed with references to films and denouncing racism by reversing blacks and whites.

At first instance, however, the court considered that “freedom of artistic creation” was not “absolute” and “the words of the song, accompanied by violent and brutal images, directly incite the Internet user to commit attacks on the life of white people».

The rapper had appealed. The video was initially spotted by people close to the extreme right, who saw it as an expression of “anti-white racism», And also relayed by the polemicist Dieudonné.

After this case, Nick Conrad had released another video, “Sweet country», Where he attacked those who had castigated his previous clip and notably staged himself strangling a white woman. An investigation had been opened for apologia for a crime following a report from the Minister of the Interior, but it had been closed. In parallel, the Republican Resistance association and the General Alliance against racism and for the respect of the French and Christian identity (Agrif) had cited the rapper to appear for “provocation to crimeIn this second clip. He was released on June 25. The appeal hearing is scheduled for February 2022.


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