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The First Minister made the comments in regards to plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act which is currently in place in Scotland. In an interview with the BBC, Ms Sturgeon had suggested people should focus instead on the “real threats” to the safety of women.

The Act currently states if someone wanted to obtain a certificate to legally recognise the acquired gender of an individual, the individual person in question must have medical evidence as well as have a two-year period of living as the gender which they have acquired.

The proposals to reform the Act would see the need for medical assessment to be renewed, as well as allowing for gender recognition certificates to be obtained after six months rather than the current two-year period.

However, a number of critics have pointed out that there could be an increased risk of harm to girls or women from predatory men as they may be able to take advantage of the lack of checks which would normally restrict access to single-sex spaces like women’s toilets or hospital wards.

Speaking about the plans to reform the Act, Ms Sturgeon said: “Gender recognition reform is about changing an existing process to make it less degrading, intrusive and traumatic for one of the most stigmatised minorities in our society.

“We should focus on the real threats to women, not the threats that, while I appreciate that some of these views are very sincerely held, in my view, are not valid.”

This has prompted some Tories to point out that Nicola Sturgeon should take the concerns of people “very seriously” and that she should not be “dismissing them”.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, trans philosopher professor Sophie-Grace Chappell said: “There’s going to be a crimewave of dreadful homosexual murders…

“It’s going to be awful if we do that.

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Following this tweet, the First Minister then blocked Mr McEleny on Twitter, prompting Mr McEleny to add: “The reaction of @ScotGovFM when confronted with the dangers of the Self ID reforms to the GRA.

“The First Minister of Scotland can’t say concerns aren’t valid when key proponents of her policy say it’ll lead to a spike in murders.”

Speaking to the, Mr McEleny said: “I think those listening will be astounded that the BBC didn’t challenge supporters of the self ID reforms just how many female murders are acceptable.

“No society should put the feelings of men over the safety of women and girls.

“The Scottish Government refuse to listen to those expressing concerns, instead saying they’re not valid.

“I suggest they start listening before the SNP Green coalition railroad this policy through Parliament.”

For Women Scotland also took to Twitter to express their concerns about the comments by professor Sophie-Grace Chappell as they said: Jaw-dropping but revealing comment. Chappell says a spike in number of murdered women “doesn’t matter” when set against the “human right” of male-born people to access women’s spaces.

“If @kayeadams returns to this with Chappell we hope she’ll ask how many deaths are acceptable.” has contacted the First Minister for comment.

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