Nirava Modi, businessman accused of fraud, to be extradited to India

The British government has approved the extradition to India of businessman Nirav Modi, who is accused in the republic of fraud in the amount of more than $ 2 billion. The decision was made on Friday by the United Kingdom Home Office.

The agency issued a permit for the extradition of the entrepreneur after the February ruling of the London court. Then the judicial authority considered that Modi could count on a fair trial in his case in India. The businessman’s lawyers have two weeks to appeal.

Modi is charged with over $ 2 billion in fraud. According to the Central Bureau of Investigation of India, the businessman conspired with the employees of the National Bank of Punjab to embezzle this amount from his assets. This largest scam in the history of India became known at the end of 2017. In January 2018, Modi and his relatives fled the republic. The businessman moved to the UK, where he hoped to get political asylum.

In 2019, Modi was arrested by the British police following an extradition request from the Indian authorities. The court has repeatedly refused to change his measure of restraint due to his possible flight from the kingdom.


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