No Limite: Bil is the fifth eliminated from the reality – 06/08/2021 – No Limite

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The Calango team got the worst in the Immunity Test that had to choose a participant to be eliminated in the vote. Bil asked his colleagues to be voted and was eliminated from No Limite (Globo), leaving behind the R$ 500 thousand prize.

The former BBB 21 contestant was voted the most by all members of the Calango tribe to leave the competition, who complied with his request to leave the game. When voting, most of the team members praised Bil and said which team would lose with his exit from the competition.

Bil is the second participant who asks to leave the reality. Before him, Lucas Chumbo, from the Carcará tribe, told his teammates that he needed to leave the game due to a gastric crisis.

`The Calango team lost the immunity test to Carcará, which got the better of a competition in which they needed to fish keys, open baskets, pick coconuts and keep them in their respective places. Kaysar broke the key in the lock and the team was eliminated. The prize was a hotel breakfast and more time in the competition.

The Calango team won the Proof of Privilege and won a luau with Wesley Safadão, full barbecue and cold beer, plus survival supplies. “What an honor for me. I’m very happy to be with you. I imagine it’s crazy here and we’re going to make a sound for us to have fun,” said Safadão.

In the race, the teams were divided into pairs and had to cross a circuit that tested the competitors’ concentration and aim. Calango got a small advantage at the beginning of the race. In the stage of throwing the balls, Bil hit the last three and guaranteed victory for his team.

After the defeat to the Calango tribe, the Carcará team talked about the next direction for the competition. Viegas suggested that Paula be the team’s new leader, but Zulu wasn’t too keen on the idea.

“I don’t see the need. All of a sudden, it distracts. We do the job worse than they do. I don’t think it’s necessary to search for mistakes or rework,” Zulu said.


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