No return to normal for air traffic before 2024-2027, according to the president of the ADP group

Augustin de Romanet also foresees a slight increase in the price of plane tickets at the expense of the consumer.

The CEO of Paris airports Augustin de Romanet spoke on Tuesday at the microphone of France Info about the resumption of air traffic that he compares to an athlete at the start of a sprint. “Air traffic today is extremely low and he is like a 400m runner in the starting blocks: he knows that the restart is going to be strong».

«It is estimated that the 2019 level could be reached between 2024 and 2027», Specifies Augustin de Romanet. A long return to normal that he explains by the impossibility of going to certain countries without quarantine, such as in the countries of Asia which “will take a long time to welcome us as a tourist».

Added to this is the change in “good education codeWhich put business tourism to a halt. “Even 2 years ago it was rude not to go to the other side of the planet to see the partner you sign a contract with. Today, it is not expensive to emit CO2 for a meeting that will last 2 hours», Observes the CEO of Paris airports. According to him, business travel accounts for about 30% of air traffic and in the business class of planes there are 50% tourists. “They are not dead, however there will be behavioral changes. In addition, the growth of air transport, which was at a rate of 4 to 5% in the world, will slightly decrease, and it is fortunateHe continues.

Rise in the price of airline tickets

In the next 20 years, Augustin de Romanet foresees a “a struggle for energy in the world”In a logic of decarbonization. According to him, aviation will be no exception, and this will have a direct impact on the prices of plane tickets. “I am not a friend of raising taxes, but a friend of the fact that the consumer pays for what he uses. And since it will use more expensive equipment, I think the price of the plane will increase slightly».

More expensive equipment that it justifies among other things by the increase in the price of airplanes and fuels. “The public authorities of the whole planet will force to put a lot of bio carbide at the same height. […] All of this will come at a price, and I think it is better for the consumer to pay rather than the taxpayer.“. In the long term, Augustin de Romanet believes that the trend for low-cost intra-European traffic will be “much less possible».


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