No ‘significant damage’ done to AUKUS over French sub fallout

US President Joe Biden’s statement he thought the French submarine contract was axed earlier “made things very difficult” for Prime Minister Scott Morrison but it did not harm AUKUS, says Bondi Partners National Security Advisor Mark Watson.

“I don’t think that there’s been any significant damage done to either AUKUS or the Australia-US relationship by what’s happened around the submarines,” he told Sky News Australia.

Mr Watson said AUKUS has “laid the table” for new measures like technology transfers and joint activity between Australia and the US, but it will not solve all issues.

“The government here and the government there have to work very quickly to start putting some meat on those bones of AUKUS, to really get some programs up and running as quickly as possible to say ‘look, AUKUS is working’,” he said.


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