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Voting in Moscow continues, while observers have not recorded any violations of the law, said Olga Kirillova, deputy head of the Public Headquarters for Election Observation. “We have been working with you for the third day and the third day is going on as usual. We do not see any serious violations, which, of course, cannot but rejoice. The elections are going smoothly today. No complaints have been received to date. Certain moments were noted from the polling stations – this is the absence of a specific algorithm for conducting out-of-home voting. But the representatives of all the parties who were present, who made comments, are all inclined to the fact that the elections are being held quite cleanly, openly and clearly. ”

According to the head of the Public Headquarters Alexei Venediktov, not a single ballot box was rejected in Moscow on the second day of voting. In addition, the townspeople continue to actively use the online voting system – those who have registered as an electronic observer will be able to vote until 20.00.


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