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The Northern Ireland protocol currently requires goods entering the country via the Irish Sea to undergo comprehensive checks.

To remedy this, Lord Frost suggested cutting checks at the border with a bonfire of formalities, and the EU has accommodated him.

Officials, led by protocol lead and former EU Commissioner Maros Sefcovic, have made proposals to ease the protocol, starting by cutting checks and controls.

In action, they state their solution would cut up to 80 percent of the red tape currently governing trade from the bloc by installing express checks.

These would quickly usher products through the border that don’t require identity or physical checks.

They would similarly impact formalities between Northern Ireland and the UK, cutting them by half and allowing “national identity” goods to traverse the barrier, ending the sausage wars.

The EU has also offered to alter its legislative framework to allow medical and pharmaceutical products to pass through the border, resolving shortages in Northern Ireland.

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