Norway attacks: Kongsberg bow and arrow killings ‘appear to be act of terrorism’, country’s security agency says | World News

The killings of five people in Norway by a man armed with a bow and arrows “appears to be an act of terrorism”, the country’s security agency has said.

Four women and one man were killed during the rampage in Kongsberg, with a police officer among others left injured.

A statement issued by PST, Norway’s security service, said: “The incidents in Kongsberg appear at the moment to be an act of terrorism, but the investigation, which is led by the South-East police district, will clarify in more detail what the incidents were motivated by.”

It said the terrorism threat in Norway had not changed from “moderate”.

“At the same time, PST is working to investigate whether what has happened could inspire others to commit serious acts of violence, in the form of follow-up actions, revenge actions and more,” the statement said, before adding that the service “does not have currently have information that that is the case”.

“The accused in the case is known to PST from before, without PST being able to provide further details about him,” it said.

The attacker initially managed to get away from officers who initially confronted him after firing arrows at them. A 37-year-old Danish man was arrested around half an hour later at 6.47pm local time.

Police believe all the killings happened during that period. They say the suspect had previously been identified as showing signs of radicalisation and will now be assessed by forensic psychiatric experts.

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